Terms and conditions - Roskilde Festival

Below is an example of our rental agreement if you choose the Insurance Package (4,000 DKK).

The terms and conditions are the same if you choose the Standard Package (2,500 DKK), except that this package does not include either GPS or insurance, and you are liable for the soundbox according to point 1.6 if it gets stolen (if you choose the standard package).

The rental conditions are naturally written in genuine legal language, so if you have any questions about them, you can always reach us at: 25 68 59 49 or kontakt@lejsoundboks.dk

The rental agreement is between the parties Lejsoundboks I/S (CVR: 43071963) hereinafter referred to as lessor and [NAME] hereinafter referred to as lessee.

The rented item

Lessee has chosen the insurance package for 4,000 DKK.
1.1 The rented item consists of:

1x Battery
1x Charger
1x GPS tracker
1.2 The rental includes delivery to and from Roskilde Festival 2023

1.3 The rented item is covered by insurance. Refer to point 6.

1.4 The rented item must be used for and may not be used for any other purpose without Lessor’s written consent.

1.5 The rented item includes:

Delivery to Roskilde Festival 2023

Pickup from Roskilde Festival 2023

1.6 This point applies only in the Standard Package (2,500 DKK). Lessee is responsible and liable for all damages or theft of the rented item. Any liability for damages is assessed in accordance with the Danish Act on Liability for Damages (EAL) in the event of damage. In case of theft by lessee or third party, lessee is required to pay an estimated replacement value of 8,000 DKK corresponding to the value of the rented item.

Commencement and termination of the rental

2.1 The rental period begins on 24/06-2023 and ends on 01/07-2023.

2.2 The total rent is 4,000 DKK divided into two installments. The first installment is 2,000 DKK and is paid at the time of booking. The remaining rent is 2,000 DKK and is paid upon pickup at Roskilde Festival 2023.

2.3 The amount is paid via MobilePay to the following business number: 100824. The rental agreement is binding once the payment has been made and this contract signed. Lessee is responsible for making the payment.

2.4 If lessee does not pick up the rented item within the specified time via email, the first installment of the rent cannot be refunded. The right to retain the first installment of payment is reserved if lessee chooses to terminate the lease before the festival.

2.4.1 Lessor may terminate the rental agreement at any time before the remaining rent is paid and the rented item is handed over. Lessor has the right to do so without cause but is obligated to refund the first installment of payment of 2,000 DKK.

Condition of the rented item

3.1 The rented item is handed over to lessee in working order.
3.2 Defects that should have been detected by lessee upon delivery of the rented item with ordinary care cannot be claimed by lessee if lessee does not point out the defects in writing upon pickup. This means that lessee cannot claim faults after pickup and inspection of the rented item.

Maintenance and responsibility

4.1 Lessee’s maintenance obligation. Lessee must handle the rented item with ordinary care.

4.2 Lessee receives the rented item in the above-mentioned condition and must return it in the same condition. Furthermore, lessee is responsible for any damage to the rented item such as dents, scratches, damage to the grille, and similar.

4.3 Lessee must comply with the general rules of order applicable to the area where the rented item is in use.

4.4 In case of confiscation or seizure of the rented item, lessor is not liable or insured for the rented item. This means that the liability and insurance obligation will fall on lessee.

4.4.1 If confiscation or seizure of the rented item means that lessee is unable to return the rented item at the pickup time, lessee is obliged to return the rented item to the company’s address at Højvangs Alle 63, Esbjerg 6700. The time of return is dictated by lessor. In that case, lessee will incur a fee of 500 DKK.

4.5 If lessee does not return the rented item within the specified pickup timeframe, it is lessee’s responsibility to return the rented item to lessor’s address, Højvangs Alle 63, Esbjerg 6700, no later than one week after the end of the rental period. The time of return is determined by lessor unless lessee returns the rented item. In case the deadline is exceeded, a fee of 500 DKK will be charged.

4.6 Lessee must report any damages to lessor without undue delay.

Termination of the rental period

5.1 Changes to the rented item may only be made with lessor’s written approval. Lessee is liable for any damage – including accidental damage – inflicted on the rented item.

5.2 It is not possible for lessee to pick up the rented item at Roskilde Festival 2023 outside the specified timeframe.

5.3 Lessee may, with prior written approval from lessor, return the rented item before the agreed time. Thus, lessee is obliged to return the rented item to Højvangs Alle 63, Esbjerg 6700 at a time dictated by lessee.


6.1 The rented item is covered by insurance.

6.2 The insurance covers but is not limited to theft and damages.

6.3 The insurance does not cover personal injuries or the like involving the rented item.

6.4 If the rented item is not returned within a reasonable time, it will be considered theft regardless of whether the rented item is covered by insurance or not.

6.5 If the tracking device is removed, this will be considered theft.

6.6 The deductible on the insurance package is 1,500 DKK. If the equipment is damaged or lost, lessee is liable for a deductible of 1,500 DKK.